‘Venom’ Eats the Box Office Alive, Setting New October Record

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While comic book-based superhero – and increasingly villain – movies have been dominating the box office for about a decade now, we don’t really talk about them here much, for obvious reasons. After all, there isn’t much horror in The Avengers or Justice League.

Every now and then, a Marvel or DC movie comes along that carries with it some relevance to the horror community, such as Hellboy, Blade, or Spawn. Another in that list is Sony’s new Venom solo movie, which focuses on the man-eating symbiote that bonds with Eddie Brock.

Venom is probably Spider-Man’s most notorious nemesis, outside of maybe The Green Goblin. He’s not always a villain though, and has spent lots of time in the comics as an antihero. That’s how this new movie portrays him, despite Venom’s tendency to kill.

Venom Movie - We Are Venom

With Venom having released this past Friday, the box office numbers for the weekend are in, and they’re sure to please Sony. Venom earned $80 million domestically, and over $200 million worldwide, easily smashing the previous October opening record held by Gravity.

Made on a budget of about $100 million, Venom’s profitability is already assured, as is the likely future of Sony’s planned universe of Spider-Man villains. Elsewhere, slasher movie Hell Fest is still sticking around the top 10, now having nearly doubled its $5.5 million budget.

Venom Movie - The Symbiote Threatens Tom Hardy

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