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Vendor Highlight: The Best Handmade Horror From Shock Stock 2018

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Shock Stock is one of Canada’s favorite horror-centric conventions, located annually in London, Ontario. This year marked my first time in attendance, and I was really impressed by the casual atmosphere. Celebrity guests like Kane Hodder, Lloyd Kaufman, Parry Shen and Lar Park Lincoln were extremely approachable and seemed perfectly at home.

It’s such a relaxed, intimate environment that as I was perusing a booth, I didn’t realize that Kane Hodder was standing directly behind me the whole time.

But today I’d like to highlight some of the fantastic vendors that Shock Stock brought to the party. Fantastic, kind, and delightful artists who are passionate about their work.

Mike Thain – Toy Butcher (@ThainMike)

Mike is like the grown-up version of Sid from Toy Story (though he’s much more pleasant). He hacks, slashes, paints, and reworks toys to show his fantastically spooky flair.












The Painted Cupful (@thepaintedcupful)

Artist Krystal Jamieson will spice up your cupboards with unique hand painted glasses. She shows some loving representation to different fandoms with a variety of glassware options to suit your every need.

via The Painted Cupful on Facebook

Shop Til You Drop Dead (@shoptilyoudropdead)

Laura adds a punch of style to jackets and vests by hand painting the with some truly rad designs. With studs, spikes, and strategically-placed tears added for good measure, you’ll feel killer confidence while wearing something truly one-of-a-kind.


Daniel Turres – Pop Fiction (@PopFiction)

Artist (and short film director) Daniel Turres uses mixed mediums to build fascinating works of art. By layering a centred portrait of a film character overtop of page selections from their literary background (jazzed up with blood splatters and clipped/drawn highlights from the text), we get a visual history of the story. You can find print versions of his original canvas pieces over on his Etsy page.


Strange Yeti (@StrangeYeti)

Owen of Strange Yeti makes some stunning artwork and original apparel. He’s also made an adorable The Thing activity book, which is just the cutest thing.

Rotten Rags (@rottenrags)

The fine folks at Rotten Rags use designs from a collection of talented artists who receive credit and a commission from their sales. It seems like an obvious concept, but you’d be surprised how many artists have their work ripped off and resold without their knowledge.

On the Rotten Rags site, you can search each artist to peruse their tshirt portfolio (including the talented Steve McGinnis, who has prints available in our very own iHorror store).


Hipster Lasers (@HipsterLasers)

Some seriously cool designs etched onto wood and acrylic… with lasers! They also do custom work if you’ve got a particular design in mind, but I don’t know why you’d ever need anything other than a creepy transparent backlit Regan from The Exorcist.

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