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‘Vampires VS The Bronx’ Trailer Gives Off ‘Lost Boys’ & ‘Goonies’ Vibes

by Timothy Rawles
Netflix- "Vampires VS The Bronx"

A group of teens take up stakes and try to destroy a band of vampires who have infiltrated their New York neighborhood in Vampires VS The Bronx coming to Netflix on Oct. 2, 2020.

The trailer dropped today and is directed by Oz Rodriguez who is probably most known for his television work especially on Saturday Night Live.

Giving the upper hand to the horror element, Vampires VS The Bronx also comes off as a comedy in which the child stars take on bloodsuckers while traversing through their daily coming-of-age lives.

There is no hiding the homage to The Lost Boys and The Goonies in this offering hitting the streaming giant just in time for Halloween.

Here’s the brief synopsis followed by the official trailer:

Three gutsy kids from a rapidly gentrifying Bronx neighborhood stumble upon a sinister plot to suck all the life from their beloved community.

Vampires VS The Bronx stars: Jaden Michael, Gerald W. Jones III, Gregory Diaz IV, Sarah Gadon, Cliff “Method Man” Smith, Shea Whigham, Coco Jones, Joel “The Kid Mero” Martinez, Chris Redd, Vladimir Caamaño, Jeremie Harris, Adam David Thompson, Judy Marte, Richard Bekins, and Zoe Saldaña.

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