Feast Among Vampires in Tokyo’s Vampire Cafe!

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Tokyo, Japan is known for their unique and colorful dining experiences.  There’s no other place in the world that you can immerse yourself in a variety of different settings while you dine on some of the best Japan has to offer.

For instance, have you ever wondered what it would be like feasting alongside vampires?  Tokyo’s Vampire Café is the closest you can come without a risky encounter with an immortal in a dark alley.

While blood is not on the menu, ghoulish delights certainly are!  The chefs at the Vampire Café are extremely talented in their vision and execution of dark cuisine, ranging from their savory entrees to their delectable desserts.


To whet your appetite their European inspired menu includes spaghetti with tomato sauce and lobster, sautéed foie gras with a balsamic sauce, salmon mousse, and salmon with avocado wrapped in rice paper.

Roses, bats, coffins, crosses and skulls all find their way into the culinary creations at this café! However, the theme doesn’t begin and end with the food; from the dark décor to the in character servers you will find the vampire theme touches everything in this restaurant.  Even the bathrooms are adorned with sink basins that look stained with blood!

The staff awaiting your order are dressed in black tuxedos and French maid outfits, and if you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of Dracula himself!  Rest assured, these vampires don’t sparkle.

As for the restaurant, crimson velvet is draped over the windows to block that pesky sunlight from coming in, black leather chairs, and the floor is covered in a red blood cell pattern!  How appropriately morbid!  To add a finishing touch upon the ambiance candles flicker and baroque music fills the air.  All of your senses are immersed in this otherworldly theme, not just your taste buds.

Tell us which dark delicacy you would like to sink your teeth into!

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