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Valter Skarsgård Stars in George Mihalka-Produced Supernatural Horror

by Kelly McNeely
Don't Click Valter Skarsgård

G-Hey Kim’s short student film — Don’t Click — has garnered a number of nominations and awards at festivals across the world (including Oregon Scream Week in Portland, the Asians on Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival in Toronto). After screening the short, director George Mihalka took a shining to the film and brought it forward to producer Bill Marks of Vortex Words + Pictures to get it developed into a bigger project.

When you’ve got the backing of a Canadian horror legend like George Mihalka (Director of My Bloody Valentine), you know you’ve got something special.

Vortex picked up the rights and attached Courtney McAllister to write her first screenplay, with G-Hey Kim returning to direct her first feature.

“I admire G-Hey’s raw talent and fierce determination to tell a story her way,” states Mihalka “I have full confidence that this team will make an outstanding contribution to the horror genre.”

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Directed by Centennial College Film Graduate G-Hey Kim, Don’t Click is a supernatural thriller and cautionary tale. Produced by Bill Marks (WolfCop, Hellmington) and executively produced by George Mihalka, Christopher Giroux (Bite, I’ll Take Your Dead), and screenwriter Courtney McAllister, the film stars Valter Skarsgård (Lords of Chaos, Fun House) and Canadian rising stars Mark Koufos and Catherine Howard.

In Don’t Click, Josh returns from a late night out to find his college roommate, Zane, missing. All that remains of Zane is his laptop with the screen flashing on a graphic pornography site. The flashing intensifies and Josh blacks out. He suddenly wakes beside Zane in a dank, surreal cellar with no way out. As Josh tries everything he can to save both his friend and himself from a vengeful entity that begins to take control of their bodies and minds, he realizes his biggest challenge to escape may be himself.

Principal photography for Don’t Click has just started in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.

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