‘Us’ Dominates the Box Office, Knocks Off ‘Captain Marvel’

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It’s a bit funny how life turns out sometimes. Just five years ago, it’s doubtful anyone would’ve predicted that one of the guys from Key & Peele would become the next great creative voice in the horror genre. Yet, that’s exactly what Jordan Peele has managed to do.

His 2017 racially-charged film Get Out topped many best of the year lists regardless of genre, and saw an incredible return on investment, earning $255 million worldwide on a budget of only $4.5 million. Peele also went on to win himself an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Now, roughly two years after Get Out’s release, Peele’s second film Us is receiving similar critical acclaim, and looks set to do even better financially. Made for $20 million, Us is already at a total gross of $87 million worldwide after only three days, making it an instant hit.

Domestically, Us opened to $70.3 million, easily taking the #1 spot from Disney’s superhero blockbuster Captain Marvel, which earned $35 million in its second weekend. Us now holds the title of biggest opening ever for a horror film that isn’t a sequel, remake, or adaptation.

Looking ahead, April promises several new films of interest to horror fans that also look to be potential hits, including a second adaptation of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, a reboot of the Hellboy character, and The Curse of La Llorona, a low-key addition to the Conjuring universe.

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