Ursula Terrifies Disney Guests After Losing Her Head on Ride

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If the price of admission for a Park Hopper Pass to Disneyland and California Adventure wasn’t frightening enough, some visitors were even more terrified on the Little Mermaid ride in the latter when Ursula became decapitated but continued to move and sing.

The whole robot malfunction was caught on camera last Sunday as visitors seated in their clam shell buggies made their way through the dark ride and came to the part in the narrative when the busty sea witch sings about giving our heroine Ariel legs in exchange for her voice.

But instead of meeting the sea hag eye-to-eye kids and adults saw a gaping hole between her shoulders while her detached, upside-down head dangled against her chest.

According to the Huffington Post, children who saw the scene were left unsettled, “It was a pretty freaky thing to see,” said one witness.

This is especially disturbing because anyone who has been on that ride at Disneyland knows it often stops in its tracks for long periods of time. Poor unfortunate souls indeed!


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