Upcoming Game Will Change Your Perception of Survival Horror

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Imagine you’re in a large house. It’s dark which hinders your perception and you hear noises and you know you’re not alone. Now imagine you know what’s in the house is unable to be killed, unstoppable and all you can do is hide and try to survive.

Imagine you’re not sure how to get out of this house. Imagine your only way to defend yourself is distracting this being with sound just to lure him away. Now…imagine you’re doing all of this while blind.

There is a game where you can experience this very feeling. I had been hearing whispers about this game for a while, but when I came across actual game play, I knew it was something I hadn’t seen before.

Perception is the brainchild of indie company The Deep End Games, made up of some of the veterans that brought you Bioshock, Dead Space and Rock Band, among others. It follows a young, blind woman named Cassie trapped in a house, but she isn’t alone.


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While trying to escape, she is being chased by a supernatural entity called “The Presence” that cannot be killed. She just needs to survive by outwitting it with sound in a true cat and mouse game. She finds her way around through her superhero like hearing and echolocation . To “see,” she taps her cane which maps out a small area around her. Every sound makes a difference.

From the trailer and game play videos available, the graphics remind players of Daredevil and the same thing he “sees” to fight crime. It looks to be a true survival supernatural horror.  There doesn’t seem to be any inventory system and you pick up single items along the way to throw or turn on to distract The Presence.

If you have ever played The Last of Us or The Evil Within, you are familiar with the concept of distraction with sound. It doesn’t seem far removed from those controls. However, you don’t have the ability to defend yourself in any physical or combative way. The character just has to be smarter than the creatures that are after her, which amps the scariness considerably.

The Kickstarter for the game earned more than enough to continue with the project, although the release date is yet to be announced. Perception looks like it could be a truly terrifying take on survival horror.

You can see more information on Perception at The Deep End company’s website.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” –Helen Keller

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