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‘Untold Horror’ Delves Into the Depths of Development Hell

by Kelly McNeely

We’ve all had our hopes up about a rumored project, only to be heartbroken as it sinks into the murky depths of development hell, never to be seen again. For every new movie we see, their are countless others that we just plain won’t. Enter Untold Horror, an upcoming docu-series that interviews some of our favorite directors to learn about their cherished projects that may never see an audience.

Untold Horror is created, produced and written by former Editor-in-Chief of Rue Morgue magazine Dave Alexander and Mark Pollesel, produced and directed by Bob Barrett and produced and edited by Kevin Burke, with Andrea Butler line producing.

“Hosted by Alexander, the multi-part documentary series features interviews with George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead), John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer), William Lustig (Maniac), Richard Raaphorst (Frankenstein’s Army) and more. Untold Horror will examine a variety of filmmakers, from Hollywood heavyweights to independent legends; from award winners to stubborn mavericks, delving into the projects that they’ve spent months, years and, in some cases, decades attempting to breathe life into.

What happened to David Cronenberg’s Frankenstein? Roger Avery’s legendary Phantasm script? The dozens of George A. Romero projects announced over the years that disappeared? Why couldn’t the combined powers of Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron and Tom Cruise create At the Mountains of Madness? Has there ever been an unmade film with more talent attached to it than The Creature From the Black Lagoon remake? Why did these passion projects die, and what killed them? Can any of them live again in some form or another?

Untold Horror looks beyond the frustration and heartbreak, however, to celebrate the spirits of these projects, the passion in their creators’ hearts, and often the other projects – film or otherwise – that rose from the ashes. We ask not just the creators, but experts in the industry, studio decision makers and passionate fans if these buried movies could – or even should – rise again. We’ll even discover that, thanks to fervent fandom, some of them already are coming back to life. Join us as we look at the Untold Horror of genre filmmaking and how we all play a part in the most fascinating genre of them all.”

Untold Horror will also work as a larger multimedia company to help resurrect some lost projects. George A. Romero’s children’s book, The Little World of Humongo Bongo, will be published by ChiZine Publications in association with Untold Horror this fall. Written and illustrated by Romero, it was published in 1996 but only released in the French and European market.

Check out the official website or watch the trailer below.


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