The Robert Stack ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episodes Are Now Streaming on Amazon!

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Written by Patti Pauley

This is the most glorious day for Stack-heads all over the world. For years, we’ve been deprived of Stack’s majestic, yet terrifying voice-overs on the legendary crime and urban legends program, Unsolved Mysteries. I, along with others, have searched for many moons for streaming videos of the original show, only to come up with inflated prices of DVD sets up for sale on eBay. However, the $500 for said “Best Of” sets, were deep inside my ass-hole. Can’t reach that far guy, sorry.


Now, last month we brought you the fabulous news that Filmrise had picked up the original series to become available to stream before the year was out. Of course, what we got was the Dennis Farina episodes. The cruelty of it all. However, today this 21st of January of 2017, will live in infamy for die-hard fans of the Stack series, and the frustrating search is now over friends. The full first season is now on Amazon Prime streaming!



Isn’t this such a beautiful thing? 24 glorious episodes, with more on the way in future months is now available with a mere click of the button for Prime members. Now, if you’re a parent, make sure you watch with the kiddies just like our wonderful parents did. Just reassure them there aren’t any escaped murderers lurking in the backyard.


So long world. It was nice knowing you this weekend.

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