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Today is the first of three Friday the 13ths in 2015, which means Jason Voorhees is going to be a hot topic of discussion throughout the year. One of the things we love to do here on iHorror is relay the true stories that inspired classic horror films, and the one we’ve got for you today just might be the real-life Friday the 13th.

According to its creators, the original Friday the 13th wasn’t actually based on actual events, though the similarities to a true horror story from two decades prior are quite chilling…

On Sunday, June 5th of 1960, four young teenagers (below) were camping out on Finland’s Lake Bodom, a picturesque locale that bears a striking resemblance to the faux Crystal Lake. Between 4am and 6am, an unknown maniac wielding a knife brutally murdered three of the youngsters, the fourth managing to escape with a fractured jaw and a concussion.

Children of Bodom

A handful of suspects were questioned by police, including a maintenance man, a vagrant and even a KGB spy, the latter of whom showed up at a local hospital the day after the murders, covered in red stains. Despite the fact that one of the suspects confessed to the murders, sufficient evidence was never found to convict him of the crime, and to this day the case is unsolved.

In March of 2004, over four decades after the murders, the sole survivor of the massacre was arrested on suspicion that he was the slasher, though he was inevitably acquitted. It was determined that he wouldn’t have been able to kill all three of his friends, given his injuries at the time.

So who then is responsible for killing three teenagers on Lake Bodom, on that summer night in 1960? It’s likely that we’ll never know the answer. Perhaps he or she is still out there…