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Unseen ‘Bird Box’ Monster Designs Revealed

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Part of the horror of Bird Box is that we cannot see the monsters that stalk the survivors. But, for Netflix, that wasn’t always the plan.

The visual effects team behind the film revealed in an Instagram post – originally shared by special effects creator Howard Berger – what the original concept was for the monsters that caused such chaos.

Berger had deleted his original post, but it had already been shared on a few different pages and accounts.

Bird Box was a smash hit for Netflix, breaking their own viewing record, spawning a new online challenge and a constant stream of memes (the true mark of cultural significance).

While it’s sad to see a physical concept cut from a horror film, one has to wonder if actually seeing the creatures would have been better or worse for the overall effect of the story.

It could have provided an extra jolt of fear into a film that mostly relies on tension. But on the other hand, it might have been anticlimactic to see a creature that’s perhaps best left to the imagination.

Viewers and readers, what do you think? Do you dig the design? Do you feel it was best left behind? Tell us in the comments below!

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