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Unnamed Footage Film Festival Goes Online This Friday in 24-Hour Marathon

by Brianna Spieldenner

Staying home this weekend to avoid COVID-19 and craving horror? The online Unnamed Footage Film Festival may be just what you need. 

This Friday, March 26, the UFF will be having their fourth found footage film festival, and this time they’re shaking it up by not only having it entirely online, but also as a 24-hour marathon starting at 7 p.m. CDT. 

That’s 24 hours of found footage, faux documentary, screen life, and first-person POV horror films as well as a virtual afterparty, and the Unnamed Footage Film Festival is charging only $10 per ticket.

Unnamed Footage Film Festival

Even sticking around for only one or two movies, that price is well worth it. The proceeds will then be donated to independent and non-profit theaters, including The Balboa Theater, the Roxie, and Academy of Theater Arts.

The festival will have a mix of found footage movies not yet released as well as some older lesser-known ones. The films’ tones also vary: some of them are comedic and others feature some of the most depraved, dark and disturbing imagery out there. Keep reading to find out more about what will be playing. 

Unnamed Footage Film Festival Films

Fake Blood Unnamed Footage Film Festival

Fake Blood, image courtesy of Unnamed Footage Film Festival

The marathon will open with a film already receiving excellent reviews from other festivals: Gillian Horvat’s horror comedy about murder, I Blame Society. 

The bizarre, 2020 anonymously directed Murder Death Koreatown, which played at this festival last year, will be playing with a new cut that’s not available on streaming services. 

Spree director Eugene Kotlyarenko’s feature 0s & 1s will also be featured. The film takes place entirely on a computer from the 2000s. 

From the director of Harpoon, one of my favorite movies of 2020, Rob Grant’s 2017 mockumentary Fake Blood will play, about the effects of violence.

I Am Sophie Unnamed Footage Film Festival

I Am Sophie, image courtesy of Unnamed Footage Film Festival

The fest will also be playing two creepy internet-based films. The anonymous YouTube series that kept audiences guessing, I Am Sophie, is on the schedule. Premiering exclusively is Charlotte’s Net which shows the disturbing side of the dark web, so dark that it had to be edited with the oversight of the director to be safe to screen for content that’s too upsetting. 

Another disturbing movie playing will be Rafael Cherkaski’s Descent into Darkness from 2013. Chris Power and Nathan Hynes’ 2007 Long Pigs, a fake documentary following around a cannibalistic serial killer will also be returning.

Long Pigs Unnamed Footage Film Festival

Long Pigs, image courtesy of Unnamed Footage Film Festival

Sequence Break director Graham Skipper’s 2016 debut feature Space Clown will be featured along with 2016’s 1974: The Possession of Altair, a Mexican 8mm possession throwback from director Victor Dryere. From the California theatrical company Awesome Theater comes a found footage anthology, Holy Shit That Was Scary Part 3: The Cloud!

Megadeth bassist David Ellison and Bang Tango guitarist Drew Fortier joined together to direct Dwellers, a faux documentary that takes place in the Los Angeles sewers. This will play along with Jake Striebel’s Poser, a fake documentary about a skate legend recovering from a drug addiction. 

The Floridian The Flower Tapes from director Sean Beagan is also on deck, and the webathon will conclude with Final Entries: The Video Diary of Madi O, an anonymous film from 2012. 

The fest will also feature a number of shorts, including: 

  • Devil in the Shack 1 & 2 
  • Tofino 2018 
  • Snake Bite
  • 2 Ghouls
  • Teaching Jake About The Camcorder Jan 97’
  • Wet Nurse Trilogy
  • That’s Not Austin
  • Camping Fun
  • Walks In The Woods
  • Shared Document
  • Possessions 2
  • It’s Here
  • Cursed Connections
  • The Trail Recordings

To buy tickets or for more information, head on over to the Unnamed Footage Film Festival website. Additional donations can be made on GoFundMe until the end of March. The fest also posts updates on their Twitter @unnamedfootage and at the hashtag #UFF24hr.

The UFF is only available to those in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Keep up with iHorror for more updates and a look at the films after the festival.

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