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5 Hidden Found Footage Films on Amazon Prime You Can’t Miss

by Curt Fiers
found footage on amazon prime

If you were to ask about suggestions for found footage films on Amazon Prime, there would be no shortage of great answers. Paranormal Activity, Willow Creek, and Hell House LLC are just a few of the most frequently cited that come to mind. Unfortunately, focusing on the most popular flicks often leaves some impressive gems undiscovered.

Choosing the Best Found Footage Films on Amazon Prime

That’s what you’ll find on this list. We’ve tried to stay away from blockbusters, major releases, and even cult classics that grew on us – looking at you, Bad Ben – in order to discover the found footage films on Amazon Prime that haven’t been… well… found.

For this list, we’re focusing on films that have fewer than 800 reviews on IMDb. Go ahead and add these to your Amazon Watchlist for later. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Frazier Park Recut (2017)

It literally blows my mind that there are fewer than 200 reviews (as of July 9) for Frazier Park Recut. Even more mindblowing – in my head, at least – is the measly 5.1 rating it’s garnered on IMDb. I really enjoyed this film, and I honestly think you’re going to as well. Check out Amazon’s synopsis:

“Frazier Park Recut follows the filmmakers as they document the behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations of producing an independent found-footage horror film. After writing a script, collecting production gear, and securing a “cabin in the woods” location, Tyler and Sam hit gold when they cast the perfect actor, Tom Morris, to play the psychopathic antagonist of their film.”

In case they lost you there, this movie is a found footage movie documenting the production of a found footage movie. I’m sure nothing horrific is going to happen, right? Just a cool little documentary about the hard work that goes into making a masterpiece worthy of being place on a list of great found footage films on Amazon Prime, right?

Watch the trailer and judge for yourself:

2. Leaving D.C. (2012)

Anyone who loves low-budget movies is going to have a blast with Leaving D.C. I’m honestly thinking the filmmaker had a budget of next to zero. He’s the only character throughout most of the movie, and the actress who does show up is gone almost as quickly as she appeared. This just goes to show you what can be done with a camera and a heap of determination.

This film tells the story of Mark Klein – a guy who is tired of the hustle and bustle of living in Washington, D.C. Obviously, that means he needs to move out into the woods. You know… where no one can hear him scream and help is far, far away. Nothing bad has ever come from this, right?

Leaving D.C. has a respectable IMDb score of 6.1. Although it’s got a few more ratings than our 800-threshold requirement (827 as of right now, to be exact), no list of great-but-unknown found footage films on Amazon Prime would be complete without it.

3. Survive the Hollow Shoals (2018)

If you’ve fallen in love with shows like Alone or Survivorman, you’re really going to enjoy Survive the Hollow Shoals. As one of the first little-known found footage films on Amazon Prime I stumbled across, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Here’s the official synopsis from Amazon:

“Zach Weiland is a survival enthusiast who embarks on a 60-day survival challenge in the Hollow Shoals of Georgia. His primary objective is to find clean drinkable water, build a shelter and create a fire. Throughout Zach’s survival challenge he is stalked and harassed by an evil entity that haunts the Shoals.”

Surviving 60 days in the wilderness alone is hard enough. Tossing an evil entity into the mix, though? The filmmakers really wanted to mess Zach up. It has an IMDb score of 5.2, so while it’s not the best in the world, it’s still worth a watch. Here’s the trailer:

4. Butterfly Kisses (2018)

If you’re a fan of mockumentaries, Butterfly Kisses has got you covered. If you hate that particular subgenre of found footage, though, there’s still plenty to love here. The movie tells the story of a filmmaker who discovers a box of videotapes recorded by two students for a project related to The Peeping Tom – a local horror legend.

Believing the story is real, the filmmaker sets out to prove its authenticity while filming his own documentary. So, what we have here is the filming of a mockumentary moonlighting as a documentary based on the found footage discovered within the film – which itself turns out to be a found footage flick.

Don’t worry if you’re confused – I got turned around in my own head too. Just go check out this found footage film on Amazon Prime. It’s got a 5.8 on IMDb, but I think it should’ve cleared at least a 7. The movie also managed to land on our Best Horror Movies on Tubi list. Here’s the trailer:

5. 3:15 AM (2018)

I sometimes sit alone in the dark and wonder why 3:15 AM isn’t on every list of the best found footage films. Touted as the first French found footage anthology, this intense flick features six tales of realistic terror. Monsters, decapitated heads, decomposing bodies, and a healthy dose of nudity come together for one great way to kill a Saturday evening.

The stories are told by some of the newest up-and-coming indie filmmakers in the industry. Lots of people think you have to go outside of the U.S. to find a great film, and while I’m not part of that group, I think our buddies in France knocked it out of the park with this one. With a solid 6.5 on IMDb, this one is certainly worth a watch.

Check out the trailer here:

Discover More Found Footage Films on Amazon Prime

One of the best features of Amazon Prime is that you can literally type “found footage” into the search bar and get results within the subgenre. I’ve been writing Netflix for what seems like years trying to snag this functionality. Alas, it’s been to no avail. Let us know in the comments if you discovered other found footage films on Amazon Prime worth a watch!

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