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Universal Set to Release ‘Monster Mash’ Musical

by Paul Aloisio

Deadline reports that though Universal’s Dark Universe has been dead in the water for quite some time now, the studio has not stopped in their plans to bring their classic monsters back to life. Next up for them is Monster Mash.

Details are sparse on the project. However, we do know that the film will be a musical; fitting, given the name of the film comes from the titular song. You know it.

Matt Stawski, a Grammy nominated music video director, will direct the film. Will Widger will write the script, with Temple Hill Entertainment’s Marty Bowen producing.

These are the only details for the project as of now, but we can only hope that it will feature all of our favorite horror icons from a bygone age.

The most recent Universal Monsters movie is Leigh Whannell’s Invisible Manwhich is set for release later this month. But it’s a very different movie from the 1933 version.

Whannell says of his film:

“It was this idea that no one will believe you that this person is coming after you … The idea of an invisible man playing games with someone, torturing them, wrapped perfectly around the idea of a toxic relationship, somebody trying to escape from someone who was gaslighting them and emotionally abusing them. It was a good metaphor. The script wanted to go in that direction, so I had to follow it.”

While I highly doubt that Monster Mash will be anything as serious as this, it’s nice to see that Universal is taking steps to correct course after the Dark Universe’s failure.

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