Universal Prepping Another Wolf Man Reboot

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Exactly one week ago, Universal announced that an April 2017 release date has been set for the second film in their rebooted monsters franchise, the first of which will be The Mummy. At the time, we had no way of knowing which monster had found himself up on the ole chopping block, but today more has been revealed.

Deadline reports today that Universal is courting Prisoners scribe Aaron Guzikowski to pen yet another reboot of The Wolf Man, a mere four years after Lawrence Talbot returned to the big screen. Again, it’s impossible to know if this is the mystery film that last week’s news alluded to, though I’m willing to bet it is.

On the Mummy front, that reboot is expected to unwrap in June of 2016. Alex Kurztman directs from a script by Jon Spaihts. The plan, for now at least, is that Universal is going to reboot each monster property one-by-one, eventually bringing them all together for one epic, Avengers-style film.

Still no word on whether or not Dracula Untold is a part of this new shared universe. Let’s hope not. Because that was NOT the direction Universal should be taking with these reboots.

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