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Universal Florida Tumblers Commemorate Classic Rides Like ‘Jaws’

by Timothy Rawles

The sharks are literally circling around your stimulus checks.

Universal Studios Florida is getting all nostalgic for classic rides and has released four retro collectible glasses that remind us of two things: Milk is better when served in glass, and we are broke.

Each tumbler will set you back $10 and holds just under a pint. There are four in the collection: Jaws, Back to the Future, E.T., and King Kong.

They describe the Jaws glass thusly: “Design features vintage inspired illustrations of the menacing terror of Amity Island, Jaws.”

If grabbing them all is too rich for your PayPal line of credit, there are others that commemorate Halloween Horror Nights for about half the price including Stranger Things and Ghostbusters.

If money is no object then head over to the Universal site and grab the lot. Click HERE.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

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