Universal Confirms a “Female Perspective” ‘Fear’ Remake

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Every actor and actress undoubtedly has their first film that acts as a stepping stone into their glamorous Hollywood careers, be it Leonardo Di Caprio with Critters 3 or Samuel L. Jackson with Jurassic Park. For Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon it was Fear, a thriller that did not see much critical acclaim, but would later go on to gather a cult following through the decades after its release.

Fear’s synopsis revolves around Reese Witherspoon’s character (Nicole) falling for Mark Wahlberg’s character (David), and the two becoming infatuated in traditional teenage romance.

This doesn’t last too long into the film however, as it turns out that David wants to express how much he REALLY loves Nicole through the traditional, conventional means as any love-struck young man does: killing the family pet (honestly, an iconic scene), killing her best friend, carving her name into his chiseled abs (prison-tattoo style), and trying to kill her entire family in front of her.

It’s a love Shakespeare wishes he could have written about, and Lifetime dreams about airing on their network.


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Recently, Deadline has reported that Universal is assigning Straight Out of Compton scribe Jonathon Herman to write the script for a “re-imagined take” on their Fear with the planned remake. Fear’s original producer, Brian Grazer, is also set to return to produce for Imagine Entertainment, assigned by Universal to assist with EVP Production in conjunction with Jon Mone, Christine Sun (creative executive) and Tyler Mitchell.

Deadline’s report also leaves us with one of the most ambiguous and ominous speculations about the upcoming remake: “The new take on the pic is being kept under wraps, but we are hearing the thriller will be told from a female perspective.”


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There were three females directly involved with Nicole’s story in Fear, so are we going to see the story primarily through one of their perspectives? Or instead of a male pursuant, are we going to get a murderous female-pyscho threatening the life of the unsuspecting male? Would Universal flip the gender roles to alter the actions of scenes like David sexually assaulting Nicole, or would such scenes even be put into a film in this day and age?

Ultimately, this is all left to fan and onlooker speculation until further details are released, but it would be interesting for the roles to be flipped simply for an alternative take on the original narrative. Maybe they’ll still serve us the scene of a canine decapitation, or sexual rollercoasters escapades? Who knows!?

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