United States of Horror Map Gets an Upgrade!


Earlier this year we shared with you a fan-made map of the United States, which featured the names of horror movies, rather than the names of each state. The picks were based on the settings of each movie, and included films such as Scream (California), The Shining (Colorado) and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (…duh).

This week, that map has been given a serious upgrade by fellow fan Eric Swartz (The Art of Horror), who has spiced up the ‘United States of Horror’ map with images of iconic cinema villains. The picks for each state’s film are mostly the same, but now the map looks a whole lot more awesome.

Check out the brand spankin’ new ‘United States of Horror’ map below, and underneath it you’ll find the original incarnation – which suddenly seems pretty damn boring, doesn’t it?!

United States of Horror

United States of Horror


  1. Since “Close Encounters” isn’t a horror film allow me to help you out here and tell you what horror films did take place in Wyoming. Prison (1988) starring Viggo Mortenson (spelling), Joy Ride and well…okay you got me those are the only two that I can think of but still a little research would have went a long way here.

  2. The Giant Spider Invasion? Seriously? Sure, it takes place in Wisconsin, but a lot of movies ‘credited’ to other States were based on incidents and people from Wisconsin. Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Norman Bates of Psycho… all based off of Ed Gein, noted Wisconsin serial killer.

    The Amityville Horror is also based off of an incident from Wisconsin.

    Heck, the Beast of Bray Road is better than Giant Spider Invasion.

  3. Amityville horror was NOT based on any event in Wisconsin. It was based on events in Amityville which is in New York. The 2005 remake used a house in Wisconsin for filming. Besides that there is no connection to Wisconsin. Also, the list above is about where the events in the movie took place, not where the inspiration took place.

    I also agree that close encounters is not a horror film, neither is Deliverance.

  4. Stir of Echoes (movie) and Poltergeist III both filmed in Chicago along with being the birthplace of The Omen’s screenwriter as The Omen II was filmed in Chicago along with The Relic.


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