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In what is possibly the worst year for United Airlines’ public relations, the airline is facing yet another bad story, this time concerning one of their signature first class cabin desserts.

The New York Post reports that the air travel giant pulled their famous sundaes from the in-flight menu this week because they were filled with glass.

Recently reported by news and pop culture site BGR, the situation was call-buttoned by one business-class passenger who noticed the added ingredient only after having eaten some of it.

An old photo of a United Airlines Sundae – Adam Goldberg – Twitter

According to BGR, The airline has issued the following statement from one of its spokespeople in regards to this ice cream debacle.

“We have temporarily suspended premium cabin sundae service while we review this matter further. In the meantime, we are serving pre-packaged ice cream cups and mousse.”

In the frequent flyer airplane travel forum “Flyertalk” one passenger noticed the omission of the dessert and started a discussion.

“Flight was fine, service was extra-nice. But sadly they did not serve ice-cream sundaes, as they have for many years on this route. Instead they served vanilla ice-cream from pre-packaged cups (some Japanese brand, don’t remember the name), and no toppings to go with it. Also offered a group of delicious petite-fours (both Japanese and Western Style) as well.

When I inquired with the FA why the Ice Cream Sundae’s were not being served, she said that they discovered glass in one of the Vanilla Ice Cream Containers, and not wanting to risk anything, they discontinued serving it until they had assurances it was safe again to serve.” — Jigen666

For now, upscale United ticket holders will have no choice but to use their silver spoons to eat cheesecake flavored French ice cream and such, served in cardboard cups.

Werner Goertz – Twitter