The good thing about making a movie on a micro-budget is that it doesn’t need to make much money back in order for it to be a success. Made for just $1 million, Unfriended has already scared up $25 million at the box office, and the folks at Universal and Blumhouse are pretty damn happy about that.

Bloody Disgusting reports tonight that a sequel is already in the works, which should come as no surprise to anyone. It will allegedly be scripted by a returning Nelson Greaves, who wrote and conceived the clever idea for Unfriended.

Set entirely on the computer screen of its main character, Unfriended centers on six friends getting together on Skype one year after a classmate killed herself. As it turns out, they each played a part in her suicide, and when the dead girl’s account joins the chat, they start getting knocked off one-by-one.

We of course don’t yet have any way of knowing the plot of Unfriended 2, though we can be pretty sure that it will once again deliver a tale of cybernatural activity. We’ll report more on this developing project as we learn it.

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