‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ Has Two Different Endings in Theaters

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More than any other genre, horror films often illustrate to studios that a movie doesn’t need to have a large budget to earn a big return on investment. For example, Blumhouse’s 2015 found footage hit Unfriended managed to haul in $64 million on a budget of only $1 million.

While it doesn’t quite look like new sequel Unfriended: Dark Web will perform quite as well – the film opened at #9 this weekend with only $3.5 million – it’ll still easily make a profit, once again being budgeted at just $1 million to make.

For those planning to check out Dark Web in theaters, there’s something you should know. In a rare move, the sequel is running with two different endings attached, and there’s no way to know in advance which ending your screening will have.

This isn’t just one of those “alternate endings” like on a DVD either, that barely differs from its counterpart. While their contents won’t be spoiled here, the two endings are vastly different, containing different deaths and a different ultimate resolution.

While this could be seen as a move to get people to watch more than once, the problem is that those who go twice could simply end up getting the same ending again. Hopefully both will be included on the inevitable Blu-Ray release of the film.

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