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Horror is a genre that often toes the line between other territories of film. The genre it dances with most is comedy, since both horror and comedy involve such primal and visceral reactions. Occasionally, however, a horror film will incorporate aspects of melodrama, creating a film that is both frightening and moving.

One such film is Blood. Shot in 1998 and released in 2000, Blood tells the story of troubled scientist Carl Dyson, whose greatest creation became his most disastrous. Twenty years ago, Carl genetically engineered a girl whose blood was meant to be a scientific breakthrough by helping rid the world of disease. The experiment backfired, however, when the girl’s blood was found to have narcotic effects on other humans. The girl, Lix, was taken by shady drug dealers and kept in isolation so her blood could be drawn and sold to anyone who wanted the high of their life. Lix remained a prisoner for all these years, until Carl finally sought to redeem himself by breaking into her makeshift prison, getting her out of this tormented existence, and bringing her to his home to live with his family.



This is when things become trickier than Carl ever could have anticipated. While his wife is at first sympathetic to poor Lix, she is worried that her troubled past will come back to find her and ruin the family. However, Carl insists everything will be fine. And it is fine, until he falls for Lix—and becomes addicted to her blood.



Adding to the complication of this grotesque love affair is the fact that for every drop of blood Lix loses, she needs nine times the amount to replace it and create more. As she and Carl continue to make love (all while he messily drinks her blood), they become more and more desperate to find sources of human blood to replace hers. When the blood bank runs dry, the only way to find human blood is to target living humans.

blood victim

Blood is a story that touches on themes such as the dangers of messing with nature, the desperation of drug addiction, and the consequences of succumbing to temptation. The performances of Adrian Rawlins as Carl and Lee Blakemore as Lix hit the right notes of fear and sadness, and the film is scored with an appropriately melancholy soundtrack. This is an independent film, and sometimes its low budget shows. Overall, though, it is a film with a unique spin worth watching if you can find it. Currently it is streaming on Amazon (free for Prime members) and is available to purchase on DVD from several online retailers.