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That Creepy Ass Clown in Hell, Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

This one just pops up and has very little to do with the actual plot of the film. All the same, even though this eerie thing only has a couple of minutes of screen time, it’s still impossible to forget him.

image via Cinema-Scope,
courtesy of New Line

In Hellbound we are finally given a more lengthy view into the shadowy cold realm waiting behind the walls of mortal reality. In other words, we are invited straight into Hell itself, here called The Labyrinth, one of the many levels of unending sadism found in the fell dimension of lecherous agonies.

image via Cinema Freaks,
courtesy of New Line

Little Tiffany (Imogen Boorman), our new hero, is silently exploring this insidious underworld when out of nowhere we see this mute clown juggling its own eyeballs. It doesn’t go anywhere else, but my God is it eerie! That means that somewhere out there – among the glittering hooked chains and mazes of the Order of Gash – there is a demonic clown. Blind and possibly mute, but it’s out there. The Clown of Hell. Just let that sink in.