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John Wayne Gacy – Pogo the Clown (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994)

Nothing is scarier than real life horror. John Wayne Gacy brought to life many people’s worst nightmare – the Killer Clown. This is not Pennywise or The Joker, but someone who lived next door.

image via Looper

In his youth, Gacy was hated by his father and ashamed of his fetishes. He was caught stealing his mother’s panties and hiding them by burying each pair under the house, an eerie and early echo of those fiendish tendencies we all would later remember him for.

Gacey was a successful businessman, was heavily involved in local politics, loved getting his name and photo in the papers as often as he could, and for charity events dressed up as a rolly-polly clown known as Pogo.

image via CNN
painting by Gacy while in prison. Painting thought to be cursed.

However, in the dark mire of Gacy’s secluded and secret passions, the clown indulged in demonic taboos none of his loved ones could have ever imagined him capable of. Gacy sodomized youthful boys and – worse yet – murdered them. He chose his victims from a long roster of employees who worked for Gacy at his construction company.

Few ever escaped the man’s monstrous fetishes, but one fortunate soul recounted how Gacy invited him over one night for drinks and drugs. The sexual predator handcuffed the young man – as he had with many others in times past. He was fully dressed in clown attire, and in minutes Pogo the Clown went from a silly ball of chuckles to a raging force of unrestrained violence. It was a side few ever saw and lived to tell about.

image courtesy of Chicago Tribune

Once Gacy was caught, police discovered twenty-six bodies buried in the crawlspace under his home. The Killer Clown was given the death sentence. His final words were “Kiss my ass.”

image via

John Gacy’s maniacal Pogo may just be the most notorious of all evil clowns simply for one unwavering fact – he was real.

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