Under Manic's Big top - Another List of Evil Clowns!

Under Manic’s Big Top – Another List of Evil Clowns!

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I know what you want – evil clowns!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment has come! The air is chill, the leaves are changing, the wind itself is heavy with nocturnal wonderment. There is no stopping it. Halloween looms over us under the pale glow of crescent moons and shrieking cats. Laughter is heard in the darkness, laughter and howling screams of murder. That can only mean one thing – Manic’s Circus of Psychopaths is back in town!

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The midnight bell has rung, the trumpets are sounding and the tattered tent awaits. I bring you a carnival of phantasmal wonders, a plethora of murder and mayhem, spectacles of agony all in order to dazzle the eyes and unhinge the mind as the clowns take control of the show.

image via IMDB
courtesy of Dread Central

Last year I listed some of my favorite hellish jesters and criminal pranksters. But just one list is far too short an order to contain the maliciousness of these smiling denizens of mortal nightmare. The dripping maul of the big top beckons you to enter. Welcome to the show and I hope you make it to the other side in one piece. Prepare to be possessed as you check out the following pages.

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