‘Uncle Sam’ The Ultimate July 4th Slasher

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Uncle Sam is a film I don’t expect many to have heard of. It was released in the late 90’s and made by the same crew that worked on Maniac Cop. Well zombie’s seem to be their gold standard villain, as the main antagonist of Uncle Sam is none other than an undead war veteran in an Uncle Sam costume. Because nothing says ‘Murica like an undead Uncle Sam killer.

The movie is just as ridiculous as you would imagine, with our killer springing to life for no reason in the very beginning, to kill a few soldiers before returning to the black. Good old Uncle Sam can’t let down his viewers though, as he reanimates again for absolutely no reason other than it being the 4th of July. That’s the only context given as to why the killer is jumping in and out of life the way he has.

Uncle Sam (1996)

It should be noted that Uncle Sam is at it’s core a slasher flick. So with that there are quite a few tropes to look out for, like how our killer absolutely needed to be in a costume rather than show off his zombie make-up. The killer has apparently spent the last 3 years underwater, that is an amazing opportunity for zombie make-up.

Over the course of the film Sam could be slowly melting and falling apart, but because Halloween set the mold for not just holiday themed slashers, but just about every one, our undead killer only gets to show off his zombie features sparingly, instead keeping hidden behind a mask. It just feels jarring having the movie spend so much time establishing that the killer is in fact a zombie, and instead of showing off some cool zombie effects, we get the done to death masked villain.

Uncle Sam (1996)

That of course doesn’t stop Uncle Sam from being an endlessly entertaining film. It was after all directed by William Lustig, who worked on Maniac Cop. It is an underrated slasher that brings the kills to the table, and while it doesn’t make much or any sense at all, still stands out in my mind as the only 4th of July themed horror movie with an undead masked Uncle Sam killer.

Maybe for a sequel we could see Sam riding a Thunderbird sized fire breathing bald eagle, while dawning an American flag as a long flowing cape. Thoughts or opinions on this particular movie, have you been able to track it down or actually enjoy it? Chat it out in the comments, and have a happy and safe 4th of July Everyone!

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