Subscriptions boxes have become a big part of the nerd community as a by product of the internet age, but you already know this. Boxes have been around for some time and while there have been a few made specifically for horror fans, they have come with mixed results. So it was only a matter of time before Loot Crate, the undisputed big dogs of subscription boxes, finally made their own horror themed box. With the launch of Loot Fright they have outdone themselves in sending horror fans awesome and exclusive items. So lets open this box and see whats inside!

Trick R’ Treat T-shirt

First thing I saw was this awesome Trick R’ Treat shirt. Not only was this an awesome design I immediately wore (hence the wrinkle in the photo) but it fit really well, which for a chunky guy like myself is always a sigh of relief. Art by Chris Wahl.

Evil Dead 2 Super Emo Scenes Figurine

This was one of my fears with subscription boxes, figurines. I already have too many with no where to display and I didn’t want one that I didn’t love. That quickly went away with this bloody and adorable little fucker:

So in love with this. Perfectly bloody and the cuteness factor is high. Designed by artist J Salvador from the Super Emo Scenes line of pop culture artwork. This guy quickly found his place on my desk.

Night of the Living Dead VHS Pillow Case

This comfortable pillow case was a big win for me. Though it doesn’t match my current Jurassic Park sheets (because I am a man child) it quickly found its place in my living room. Prefect for horror-marathons and naps.

Night of the Living Dead Reproduction Lobby Cards

I’m a huge sucker for lobby cards, I will collect them for modern films from theaters and have stacks from my theater days. This own is great as it capture one of my favorite scenes from NOTLD. Will be looking to get a frame from the dollar store to put in my bathroom real soon.

Exclusive Mummy Pin

Now I am not big on pins. With my day job they tend to break or go missing pretty quick. That being said, I really like this design. Add in the fact that it glows in the dark and my new love for this crate I bet i could find a non-work relate jacket to slap it on.

Nightbreed Graphic Novel

I am really excited to crack this bad boy open. Nightbreed quickly became one of my favorites once the Director’s cut was released years ago and I have been hungry for more content from this world.

20% Crypt TV Coupon

Rounding off the box is a coupon for 20% off at the CryptTV merchandise store. I love CryptTV so this is a cool opportunity to get merch from them.

That is it for this crate! Gotta say, I loved everything in it. I am super excited for December’s box as they already announced its going to have Krampus and H.P. Lovecraft themed items. Order today and use the code HALLOWEEN25 to get 25% off! Today is the last day to get it and they won’t charge until it comes out, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!