Umberto Lenzi’s ‘Spasmo’ is Coming to Blu-ray

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Umberto Lenzi’s name certainly seems to be popping up a lot lately! Recently, we mentioned his cult classic film Nightmare City remake by Tom Savini and Grindhouse is releasing Cannibal Ferox on Blu-ray. Now, Scorpion Releasing has announced that they will be bringing his 1974 giallo Spasmo to Blu-ray this July. The Blu-ray is to include both Italian and English audio tracks, a vintage interview with director Umberto Lenzi and the original trailer.

A mysterious, beautiful woman washed ashore on a desolate beach, a doomed triangle of unbridled lust, a cold-blooded killer and a missing corpse set the stage for a classic ‘giallo’ in the grand, gory Euro-Horror tradition! From Umberto Lenzi, the violent visionary who shocked you senseless with Make Them Die Slowly and Blood Stained Orchids! Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone

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