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UK Woman Finds Strange “Witch Decoy Kit” in Her Old Home

by Timothy Rawles
Witch Decoy Kit

Brits have such a long history that you never can tell what will be discovered in their old homes.

In fact that was the subject of a recent contest conducted by the British furniture company ScS. They asked people to send them pictures of what they found and you wouldn’t believe the results.

For instance, Kerrie Jackson of Wrexham found what is being called a “witch decoy kit.” Now what exactly that is, we don’t know. Do you? Let us know in the comments.

The aged collection consists of “eight odd shoes, a half-eaten hat, a horse’s skull, another unidentified animal skull, two gun barrels and a glass bottle,” according to The Mirror.

Photo: The Mirror

“Witch decoy kit” Photo: The Mirror

The property market in the U.K. is booming says Dale Gillespie, Head of Acquisition at ScS, “many people will be moving into new homes, and who knows what they might find when they do?”

Surprisingly Jackson’s decoy kit didn’t win. That honor went to Kathryn Gaston from Glasgow who found an aortic valve preserved in formaldehyde in her kitchen.

“We were amazed at some of the crazy things people have come across on moving-in day. Finding something like our winner did would put anyone off their breakfast,” said Gillespie.
So let us know: What is the craziest thing you found in your new home after moving in?
Preserved aortic valve - The Mirror

Preserved aortic valve – The Mirror

Photos: The Mirror

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