U.S. Adaptation Of Death Note Coming Directed By Adam Wingard

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Last week The Hollywood Reporter noted that the anime series, Death Note is getting a western adaptation. The popular Japanese animated series which is based on a manga has already had live action movies in its country of origin. Adam Wingard who sat in the director’s chair on The Guest and You’re Next is set to bring Death Note to a western audience collaborating with scriptwriter Jeremy Slater, who most recently wrote the screenplay for the Fantastic Four reboot. Producers involved include Roy Lee, Masi Oka, Dan Lin and Jason Hoffs. You may not be aware but Masi Oka is actually Hiro Nakamura, the happy time travelling Japanese fellow from Heroes. He is actually a producer as well.

Death Note animeIn case you weren’t aware, Death Note is the story of a teenager called Light, who is intellectually gifted at a level of borderline genius. Light finds a strange book of supernatural significance, he discovers that when he writes a person’s name in the book they die, he can also control how they die, as long as he knows their name and has seen their face he can off them. Its weird, it actually turns out that there are these demons called Shinigami that each have one of these books to carry out their work. One of them accidentally loses his book and it ends up on Earth in the grasp of the protagonist. It all gets a bit weird, the kid goes completely mad with power, so he isn’t what you would call a sympathetic lead character but the fact that he is absolutely off his rocker and sees himself as a God makes for some dramatic and atmospheric moments.