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Tyler Posey, Dakota Shapiro and More Join the Cast of The CW’s ‘The Lost Boys’ Pilot

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The cast list is quickly filling up for the pilot of The CW’s reboot of 1987’s classic vampire film The Lost Boys according to Deadline.

Tyler Posey, who played werewolf Scott McCall on MTV’s Teen Wolf for six seasons will take on the role of Michael, who along with his brother Sam and their mother Lucy (Kiele Sanchez) move to Santa Carla, California to start a new life after the death of the boys’ father.

The family is immediately drawn to the delights of the town’s Boardwalk with its comic shops, carnival rides, and concerts, but the boys soon stumble upon the frightening truth of Santa Clara, and the vampires who walk, not so quietly, in its shadows.

Australian actor and relative newcomer Dakota Shapiro will play David, the role previously played by Keifer Sutherland, and Medalion Rahimi (Still Star-Crossed) will play Stella, a newer version of the Star character played by Jami Gertz in the original film.

The Lost Boys Dakota and Medalion
Dakota Shapiro will play David and Medalion Rahimi will play Stella in the CW’s The Lost Boys Pilot

The pilot was written by Heather Mitchell and will be directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

The series has already sparked controversy among rabid fans of the original when a rumor circulated earlier this week that the Frog Brothers, played by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander in the film, would become the Frog Sisters.

There has been little confirmation of the rumor, and certainly no casting announcement at this point to back up the claims, though it would be an interesting shift and would be in line with the network’s previous choices while updating and rebooting a series or film.

It’s also a smart decision that fits well with the CW’s target audience and the zeitgeist of 2019 which is more attuned to diversity in casting and writing than we were in 1987.

Regardless, at this time, only a pilot has been ordered and the decision to move forward will be based entirely on how well it is received by executives and test audiences.

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