Twisty Returns in American Horror Toy Story!

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American Horror Story. Toy Story. They both prominently feature the same word, but couldn’t possibly be more different from one another. Hm, it would be fun to mash them together though, wouldn’t it?

In a brand spankin’ new short video that put a big ole smile on our face, animator Leigh Lahav has done just that over on her YouTube channel, infusing American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s sadistic killer clown Twisty into the family-friendly world of Toy Story.

The animated short, which runs just 1-minute long, centers on Buzz Lightyear and Woody meeting the latest toy in Bonnie’s collection, which just so happens to be Twisty. Could this be the plot of the upcoming Toy Story 4? We can only hope!

Check out the hilarious video below, which should satiate your desire for more Twisty!

[youtube id=”WeqQpM5Pj4g”]
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