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‘Twisted Metal’ Live-Action Series is in the Works; Stars Anthony Mackie

I Sure Do Miss These Games

by Trey Hilburn III

Twisted Metal was an all-timer in gaming. It was a series that broke all the rules about racing, shooters and multiplayer games. That same wild-ass action is headed to a live-action series. The series, still in early phase of production will star Anthony Mackie as John Doe.

“With no memory of his past, John gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make his wish of finding community come true, but only if he can survive an onslaught of savage vehicular combat,” Sony commented on Doe’s story.

Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick are heading the series up and will feature Doe as a fast driving, quick talking car thief.

If you recall each character in Twisted Metal had made a deal with a shadowy figure to take part in insane vehicular combat. Each of the characters stories were very Tales From the Cryptish if played all the way through. It was always exactly what they wished for but with some fucked up twist that would ruin the characters life.

Twisted Metal debuted on Playstation in 1995 and opened up a franchise of sequels and spin-offs. We are definitely overdue for another next gen Twisted Metal game, so hopefully the powers that be match the release of the series with a new game.

Were you a Twisted Metal fan? Let us know who your favorite character was in the comments.

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