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While not purely horror by any means, Twin Peaks has certainly played host to some of the creepiest and most unsettling moments in TV history. Considering that enigmatic director David Lynch co-created it though, a certain degree of insanity is to be expected.

Despite its initial run in the early 1990s only lasting two seasons, Twin Peaks only gained followers as the decades went on, leading Showtime to order an 18-episode revival season that aired last year. The final product was quite divisive, but never failed to be interesting.

While it remains to be seen if or when Lynch and Mark Frost will decide to once again return to Twin Peaks, an upcoming VR experience based on the show will allow dedicated fans to spend some time inside The Black Lodge, a dark alternate dimension that’s arguably Hell.

The game, simply titled Twin Peaks VR, comes courtesy of a partnership between Showtime, Lynch, and Collider Games, is based on both the original and revived series, and will debut at the Lynch-organized Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles on October 13th and 14th.

Fans will recall Twin Peaks season 2 ended with Kyle McLachlan’s FBI agent Dale Cooper trapped inside The Black Lodge, while an evil doppelganger took his place outside. This VR experience will see players attempt a season 3-like escape and eventual return to reality.