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Twin Peaks: It’s a Lovely Place to Visit

by Andrew Peters

Underneath a blanket of grey skies and Douglass firs lies one of the most mystifying and beautiful towns in America (once you get past the cryptic murders). A town that may seem small, but has a large heart. A place some call home and some wouldn’t even know it was on the map. But once you find it, you’ll find it welcoming and pleasing.

Welcome to Twin Peaks.

With the recent news of a Blu-ray box set that will include the pilot episode (and rumored to even include the film Fire Walk With Me), I though it would be suitable to take a look back at not what made the show great, but all the attractions and radiant citizens that made the town great.

Upon entering the alluring town after your interminable travel, be sure to fill up at Big Ed’s Gas Farm on Highway 21. Big Ed’s is named after the friendly and cordial owner, Ed Hurley and open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. And don’t worry if your car needs a fixing or a fluid change; Ed specializes in automotive repair and is always willing to help out, even strangers!

Now that you are in town, you’re gonna want to find a place to stay. It just so happens that Twin Peaks has the most luxurious hotel, The Great Northern Hotel, owned by socialite Benjamin Horne, which has been in his families for years, so you know they respect family values. The interior is simple, yet elegant, reminding one of the woodsy outdoors, which the hotel surrounds itself in the natural outdoors (and how about that view of Whitetail Falls?). Boasting 102 recently renovated rooms, there is plenty of room for you here! Benjamin Horne also happens to own Horne’s Department Store, which is three exquisite floors of the latest fashion trends and fragrances for men and women, as well as anything you may need for your home. Come by Monday through Saturday and get fitted for something nice to wear before hitting the town!

Looking for a bite to eat? Then stop on by the RR Diner for a slice of pie and a damn fine cup of coffee! Owner Norma Jennings serves her patron’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. This retro 1950’s looking diner also happens to serves the best malts and shakes to all the youngsters in the community and even hosts a pie-eating contest every 4th of July. So bring your appetite and stop on in for some grub!

For the most part, nightlife can be quiet here in Twin Peaks, but that’s the way the natives like it. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun! The Roadhouse (just down the road from Big Ed’s) offers a quiet place to grab a beer or enjoy live bands and dancing on Friday and Saturday. Special Drafts include dark and light Lenf’s, Siol, Fine Kugal Ale, and Luc’s Extra Lite. Come join us for some fun, won’t you?*
*Must be at least 18 to enter, 21 to drink. Cash only, no credit cards.

Or if you’re looking for a little more excitement (and possibly… danger?), travel to the Northwest shore of Black Lake and hop across the Canadian border to One-Eyed Jack’s, the most illustrious club in the Twin Peaks area, you won’t find anything quite like it around. Owned and managed by (who else?) Benjamin Horne, he brings you the best in entertainment with 23 slot machines, 10 blackjack tables (and other card games as well) and also entertainment from the beautiful “52 Pick Up” girls! Be sure to dress semi-formal (perhaps you picked up a suit from his store?), grab a drink and play your hand at some cards or chance in the slot machines… or with one of the girls!

Just be sure not to party too much or you may be spending your night in the Twin Peaks’ Sheriff’s Station (however, tours are available on Tuesday for the kids!). Although he may appear to be a no-nonsense guy, Sheriff Harry Truman is actually a humble man and the rest of the charming Sheriff’s Department, like Deputy Andy Brennan or Hawk are always protecting the citizens and upholding the law. Answering the phone is the petite, but sweet Lucy Moran, ready to take your call and assist you with your needs.

Just to the East of the Great Northern Hotel on the Southern shore of Black Lake is perhaps the most important piece of Twin Peaks, Packard Saw Mill, which employs a good percentage of the town and just so happens to be the lead supplier of Northwest timber! The Packard family (currently owned by the late Andrew Packard’s wife, Josie and operated by his sister, Catherine) owns thousands of acres that surround the like to bring its customers that fine lumber.

Well, what would be the point of constantly mentioning Black Lake if we didn’t mention the fishing? It’s maybe the one thing better in this town than the RR Diner’s coffee and pie! The fishing here, primarily for steelhead trout, at Black Lake (and the surrounding smaller lakes, Pearl Lakes) are not only the best fishing in the region but in the entire United States! Just ask local fishing aficionado Pete Martell to show you all the hot spots and give you some fishing tips (and rent or buy supplies if you need too). So, cast away!

As you can see, the quaint little town of Twin Peaks offers a relaxing, simple getaway with plenty of ways to get out of the daily grind and unwind. Come stay awhile, won’t you?

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