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Written by Patti Pauley

The curious cult-hit of the early 90s Twin Peaks, captivated audiences on a weekly basis with the quirky cast of the mountain town, and the million dollar question as to who killed the lovely Laura Palmer. While the show only lasted two seasons, with season one in particular being a damn fine example of charismatic art on camera, the series has absolutely stood the test of time with fans for over two and a half decades.


When dream Laura Palmer told Cooper should we see us in 25 years, she made good on that promise; even if it’s a little later than said statement.


Back in 2014, is when we first heard the wild rumors of David Lynch reviving the beloved program for a long-overdue third season. And the past two years, in true Lynch fashion, the show’s director and co-creator alongside Mark Frost, has kept us biting our nails in anticipation of WHEN. Well, we know it’s this year. We know most of the cast members are returning, and we ultimately know it’s going to be a magical experience. I’m not even doubting it for one second. However, with massive teasers from Lynch himself stating the show is “coming sooner you think”, along with this twitter post from actress Sherilyn Fenn, who plays Audrey Horne on the show, is furthering my blue balls in anticipation for an actual official announcement premiere date.


BUT… We may have an answer, even if it isn’t exactly official.

Now, again this ISN’T an official announcement from Showtime, which we actually may get as early as January 9th as they kick off their press tour; but this is definitely something. Via the TwinPeaksWorldWide Instagram account, the group shared a photo of a promotional calendar sent out to cable companies that just so happens to include a little block that falls on April 30th that reads “Welcome to Twin Peaks.”


As always, we will keep you updated as soon as Showtime makes the official announcement! I’ve waited 26 years for this moment. 26 DAMN YEARS. 2017 will already be a better year with the return of Agent Cooper. Don’t you agree?