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‘Twilight Zone’ Episodes Heading to the Big Screen via Fathom Events

by Waylon Jordan
Twilight Zone

This year marks the 60th anniversary of The Twilight Zone, the classic TV series hosted by Rod Serling. To honor the auspicious occasion CBS Entertainment has teamed with Fathom Events to present six classic episodes on the big screen alongside a new documentary short titled Remembering Rod Serling on November 14, 2019.

This is the first time any episode from the original series has been presented in full on the big screen according to The Hollywood Reporter and Fathom Events.

Created by Serling, The Twilight Zone set the gold standard for anthology television which, though many have tried, few have been able to replicate.

The six episodes represent some of the series’ finest work. Check out the full lineup of featured episodes below, and purchase tickets here for this incredible event.

“Walking Distance”–Original air date October 30, 1959: Gig Young stars as Martin Sloan, an advertising executive who pulls into a service station near his hometown. Deciding to walk the rest of the way home, he slips through time and learns a lesson one can only learn in The Twilight Zone.

“Time Enough at Last”–Original air date November 20, 1959: Possibly one of the most famous episodes of the classic series ever made, the story centers on Henry Bemis, played by the incredible Burgess Meredith, a bank clerk whose only real desire is to immerse himself in books. Beaten down by everyone from his boss to his wife for his constant reading, Bemis seeks an escape from the world. Hiding away in the bank vault during his lunch break to read, Henry is the sole survivor a nuclear blast. With all the time in the world to read his treasured books, what could possibly go wrong?

“The Invaders”–Original air date January 27, 1961: Written by the legendary Richard Matheson and starring Agnes Moorehead, this episode centers on a lonely woman on a desolate farm who finds herself accosted by tiny “spacemen” after a small spacecraft lands on the roof of her home. The episode features brilliant storytelling with almost no dialogue, and Moorehead’s performance has to be seen to be believed.

“The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”–Original air date March 4, 1960: This classic tale of paranoia, finds the residents of a suburban neighborhood turning on each other after a mysterious celestial event precedes power outages and other strange occurrences on their street. Soon fingers are pointed, neighbors blamed, and before the night is through, they’ll learn that not all monsters come from the outside. Some live right next door.

“Eye of the Beholder”–Original air date November 11, 1960: Donna Douglas stars as Janet Tyler, a woman who has gone through numerous treatments in an attempt to look “normal.” She lives her life with her head wrapped in bandages, hoping and praying that this treatment worked so that she can avoid being sent away to a colony to live with other people like her. The episode is responsible for one of the most iconic images of The Twilight Zone.

“To Serve Man”–Original air date March 2, 1962: Lloyd Bochner and Richard Kiel star in this episode whose title is one of the more clever plays on words for a series that’s full of them. A mysterious alien race lands on a troubled Earth offering help, hope, and a chance for survival. But are their intentions really pure? The episode has been parodied numerous times, including the prestigious Treehouse of Horror treatment by The Simpsons.

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