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TWD Season 7: Does Negan kill more than one?

by Daniel Hegarty

It has become obvious that on the 23rd October there will be billions of eyes glued to the TV screen, eager to finally find out who gets their skull or should is say skulls, caved in by the new mega villain Negan.  Will it be Maggie or will it be Glenn? One thing is for sure, AMC are playing their cards close to their chest and we will only really know for sure on the seasons first episode.

As the theories circulate, we journalists are eager to find the truth for our readers and we think Jeffrey Dean Morgan the actor that plays the bearded baddie has just given us a hint as to what we should expect.  In an interview with Den Of Geek! Morgan mentions:

“Negan’s not just going to kill one person in [the Premier]”

Does he mean when all of our most loved characters are on their knees or just some other insignificant characters? As I said before, we can’t be sure but he does go on to say.

“He is not afraid of bashing in skulls!”

(Yes… we believe you)


We saw the teaser last week and there was already a lot of blood shed on the floor and that barbed wire bat… and what was he taking Rick off to his camper for? I don’t think it was to play barbies. At this stage all we can do is pray it’s not one of our favourites.

We will keep you updated.

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