Turn Your Pup Into a Werewolf With This Muzzle

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You know, sometimes man’s best friend can be too much of a sweet, cuddly-pushover. Well, you won’t think those thoughts again once you strap this muzzle onto fido he will look like a full on werewolf. The idea behind the muzzle, of course, is to stop your pet from nipping and barking when he shouldn’t be. This however will strike more fear into the hearts of passing strangers than even the most vicious bark.

Zveryatam, a pet supply company in Russia, offers you the chance to make your dog the coolest and most savage dog ever. Leave it to the Russian’s to think of something as cool as this.

The fully functional muzzle looks like it would make an awesome Halloween gift for someone’s lucky pet. Now if we can just figure out how to read Russian. For those of you that can check out their website here. 


Werewolf pup Werewolf puppy

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