Turn Your Amazon Echo into a Terrifying Talking Skull

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Amazon Echo is taking the world by storm. The voice-activated device answers questions, sets alarms, lets users listen to music, weather updates and headlines, control smart home settings, and more, and it’s all voice-activated. Not only that, but Alexa is always improving and getting smarter, adding new functionalities as the software improves.

Hell, one of the devices is even being used to help solve a murder case.

One robot hobbyist and Halloween fanatic took things to the next level with this amazing homemade contraption.

The Yorick Project for Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo For Halloween Lovers

While people keep finding new uses for Alexa, Mike McGurrin’s project takes the cake for horror fans. He turned his Amazon Echo into a nightmarish, grinning skull that moves its head, eyes, and mouth when answering your questions. Dubbing it “The Yorick Project,” McGurrin used an Echo, a Raspberry Pi computer, a three-axis Halloween skull kit, and some coding to create this masterpiece.

While the default name and “waking word” is Alexa, you can change that to something more fitting. Right now the Echo only has one voice with different accents. Hopefully that will be updated soon — maybe by Halloween? Either way, just imagine what other cool things you can do with this technology.

Yorick Project image courtesy of mcgurrin.info.

Mike watched "Night of the Living Dead" on PBS when he was a little kid, and he thought it was a documentary. He's been hooked on horror ever since. By day, Mike is a UX writer. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and their golden retriever.