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Turn Your Wedding Photos From Boring to Badass

by D.D. Crowley

Do you hear that in the distance? It sounds like wedding bells which must mean it’s wedding season. I can’t tell you how much my social media account has been blown up by bridal showers and weddings. When the weather is warm, the brides climb out of the cracks. But, if you’re anything like me (and I suspect you might be), basic weddings and cutesy pictures just don’t cut it. I came across some awesome wedding photos that may change even the creepiest of brides’ minds about weddings.

The internet is chock full of cheesy wedding pictures and they all look the same to me. Here’s a kissing shot, here’s one of their shoes, here’s one of the bridal party…blah blah. Where’s the action, the excitement, the fake blood? Well, these couples saw this as an opportunity to make their wedding pictures epic AF.

How do you make a wedding photo more interesting? Throw in a few zombies.

Wedding Photos

Image of this couple found on Horror, Pizza and Zombies Facebook. Photographer unknown.

Wedding photos

Wedding photos

Just look at that blood soaked gown. Instead of fighting the walking dead, you can BE the walking dead.

Wedding photos

(Image found on pinterest, photographer unknown)

If you crave more dystopian wedding photos, those exist too.

Wedding photos

(Image credit: geeknative.com)

Even slashers aren’t safe from wedding season, as you can see from this wedding photo.

Wedding photos

(Image credit: misfitwedding.com)

Maybe you need something undead for your engagement. We have you covered on the NEXT PAGE!

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