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Tune in for a Four-Day Livestream from the Lizzie Borden House This Month

by Waylon Jordan
Lizzie Borden House

Earlier this year, The Dark Zone Network held a live streaming event from the Conjuring house, and this month, they’re bring yet another event when they host a four-day interactive live event from the famed Lizzie Borden House.

From a press release we received earlier today:

“The Lizzie Borden Murder House” will be a 24-hour, 4-day-long live streaming immersive experience investigating not only the crime in search of answers, but also fully investigating the active haunting and anomalous activity of the location. With guests from television psychic Chris Fleming, to real Scotland Yard Homicide Inspector, Colin Taylor, we and our audience will try and get to the bottom of who really committed the evil acts and why the spirits are still so restless in the Borden House. The show will present never before seen evidence and take a closer look at the four other possible suspects. Who knows, maybe the ghosts will tell us whodunit!

Much like their previous investigation, the house will be fitted with cameras allowing their audience to not only participate in the investigation, but it will also provide them with a bird’s eye view of Ouija board sessions, seances, and other paranormal investigation experiments.

The four-day event will run August 28-31, 2020 on The Dark Zone Network. Viewers will gain access to the entire event for $19.99.

For more information about the event and to watch the Lizzie Borden House live investigation CLICK HERE.

Will you be watching? Do you have your own theories about who might have killed LIzzie’s parents? Do you believe it was her? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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