Tuesday Knight Using Kickstarter to Produce First Official Release of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street 4’s Theme Song

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Including such 80’s gems as Dramarama’s Anything, Anything and Sinead O’Connor’s I Want Your Hands on Me, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master’s soundtrack was perhaps the best of the vaunted series. However, one great song that has always remained inexplicably absent from standalone physical media is Nightmare, which memorably plays over the film’s opening credits sequence.

Sung by star Tuesday Knight (who took over the role of Kristen for ANOES4), Nightmare would seem like a natural choice to feature on the soundtrack album, but has for some reason never seen official release in any format. The song can’t even be legally bought on digital services like Itunes. With the only feasible avenue of acquiring the track being to rip it from a copy of the film, fans have long lamented the lack of availability of a clean, clear version of Knight’s Dream Master theme.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 Album

Well, that hopefully won’t be the reality for much longer, thanks to Tuesday Knight herself. The actress/singer has taken to Kickstarter in the hopes of producing the first ever official release of Nightmare, on both CD and Vinyl. Donors of $25 or more to the project will receive the CD version, while donors of $80 or more will get the Vinyl edition.

While this definitely seems like a pricey proposition, Knight says that the money is necessary to both create the physical copies of the single and license the song itself from New Line. The project has so far raised $3,000 of its $20,000 goal with 51 funding days remaining.

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