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TSA Takes Freddy’s Glove At Airport Check-in

by Timothy Rawles

Yeah, flying can be a nightmare even Freddy Krueger can attest to. He can’t even get on a flight without TSA taking issue with his right hand.

Every year the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) makes a video of some of the most bizarre things they have taken from passengers before boarding.

This year the items range from snakes (where’s Mr Jackson?), tuxedo grenades (sans Madagascar penguins) and a giant pair of scissors (talk about extreme couponing!).

But the number one “wackiest” item they found was a replica of Freddy’s glove.

We can hear the combined gasps of fans everywhere who know this well-made mock-up is now in a government warehouse collecting dust.

Take a look at some of the other items TSA collected last year below the IG photo.


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