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‘True Terror With Robert Englund’ to Spook Out the Travel Channel Soon

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More Robert Englund is always a good thing. That’s precisely why the upcoming Travel Channel series, True Terror With Robert Englund is some of the best news we have heard as of late.

The upcoming series features Englund telling terrifying true terror tales from the past. Each of these stories are taken from documentation such as newspapers, eyewitness account, etc… All that is already great on its own but then you throw in the voice talents of Englund and you have a very special sort of horror stew.

The stories are uniquely catered to the special sub genres of the supernatural and feature tales of possessions, hauntings and other sorts of things that go bump in the night.

True Terror with Robert Englund drops onto the Travel Channel, beginning March 18.

Source: (Bloody Disgusting)

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