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‘True Terror With Robert Englund’ Lands on Travel Channel This Week

by Trey Hilburn III

True Terror with Robert Englund is finally landing on the Travel Channel this week. There’s a lot to be excited about there. However, the most awesome is that, Englund appears to be taking queues from the same school of thought as Unsolved Mysteries host, Robert Stack mixed with Rod Serling when he hosted The Twilight Zone.

The six-part series breaks down like this:

Englund uses his ominous tones and creepy charisma to masterfully weave together a trilogy of spine-tingling tales, guided by newspaper accounts and layered with commentary from historians and experts that prove that truth is always stranger than fiction. From flying monsters to creatures in the night, to evil possessions and hauntings, these twisted tales will leave viewers wishing the stories really were only in their dreams.

The first episode of the series begins March, 18 at 10 pm Eastern. Look, it’s Freddy Krueger. So, of course we are in. Robert Englund could host a paint drying marathon and I’m certain that most of us would still anxiously tune in. He might not be willing to come back to the big screen as Krueger, so we will take what we can get.

Will you be watching True Terror with Robert Englund? Let us know in the comments section.

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