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One of the most common images in horror cinema is that of the masked maniac, who can often be seen standing off at a distance, staring creepily at a soon-to-be victim. Over in New Zealand this week, life has imitated art, as a group of friends found themselves inside of a real-life horror movie.

As they posted over on Live Leak, the friends were shooting a skit for film school at Auckland’s Parnell Railway Station when they noticed a strange duo standing in the woods. Staring a hole through the friends, the male and female were both wearing blank white masks, and the scene looked like one ripped straight out of The Strangers.

Initially, I thought that they were members of our school playing a prank, or something similar,” said one of the students. “We were all a bit confused, nervous, and we laughed, but found ourselves backing away, intimidated. Once they emerged and started to follow us we picked up the pace, splitting up and making our way back towards the main road.”

After returning to school and telling their classmates about the bizarre encounter, the friends returned to the scene to find police helicopters searching the area. Reported by the New Zealand Herald, police initially didn’t believe the friends were telling the truth, but eventually detained the masked duo. They had no choice, they say, as they appeared to be carrying firearms.

Police say that the film students weren’t the only ones that the real-life Strangers terrorized, but thankfully their reign of terror has come to an end. No word yet on whether or not they were truly armed and dangerous, or if they were just looking to scare people.

Since they had a camera handy, the friends shot video of the entire incident, which you can check out below. Get ready to get creeped out!

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