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True Blood Star Admits He Likes the Taste of Blood. Real Blood.

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This year’s seventh season of True Blood is of course the final season of the show, and in fact we’ve got only one more episode to go. Surprisingly, one of the main storylines of this final season involves the character Hoyt Fortenberry, who exited the show – seemingly for good – in Season 5.

If you’re asking me, bringing Hoyt back into the fold is one of the smartest things the writers have done this entire season, as his budding re-relationship with Jessica has proven to be one of the most interesting aspects of the season. Unlike most characters on the show, Hoyt is the kind of guy we can all relate to, and in the whacky world of True Blood that goes a long way.

Jim Parrack is the man who plays the loveable Hoyt on the show, and in an interview with Vulture earlier this week, the actor revealed that he shares something in common with the likes of Bill, Eric and Jessica; he has a thirst for blood… human blood.

Parrack admits that he likes the taste of blood and consumes it at least a couple times a year, describing the experience in much the same way a character on True Blood would likely describe feasting on the neck of a vampire.

“I don’t mean copious amounts of blood,” Parrack noted. “I’m not getting a glass of it or something. But if you drink it, it does something to you emotionally. It’s hard to describe. It’s kind of like you’re in the moment, and the impulse comes, and … I like it.”

The actor went on to say that he’s very particular when it comes to the blood he drinks, and prefers it to be human – ideally flowing from the veins of his girlfriend. “I guess the best way to put it is sometimes I just like the way it tastes,” he summarized.

I guess some actors aren’t all that different from the characters they play, eh? To each his own!

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