Troma’s 1988 Film ‘Evil Clutch’

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Unless you’re a diehard horror fan, I doubt you’ve heard of a little ‘gem’ put out by Troma in 1988 called Evil Clutch. I have to give credit where credit is due, my mother recorded this off of HBO or CineMax years back, and I’ve loved it ever since. While it has its share of flaws, for some strange reason I can’t not have this movie in my collection, and I will watch it any night of the week.

The movie is about two lovebirds vacationing in Italy, while driving the back roads, they encounter a woman who claims to have been attacked by a man in the woods, they offer her a ride into the village. Little do they know she’s a demon with a wicked crotch claw. Yes, that’s right, she has a claw that comes out of her crotch. Intrigued now, are ya?

She manages to lure them into her shack in the woods, and that’s when the madness begins, one by one, the demon turning begins. This movie has a very faint resemblance of Evil Dead. Woods. Demons. Fast pace camera shots scanning through the woods as if something is coming to get has all the elements, and a lot of potential, but sadly fails mainly due to all the plot holes in it.

There are too many questions left unanswered in this film. It almost makes you wonder if they left a little too much film on the cutting room floor, but if you can manage to get past that, and take the movie for what it is (A Troma film), then I think you will enjoy, the good gory bits, including hands get getting torn off, fish hooks in the face, penises getting torn out, and crotch claws. You gotta hand it to Lloyd Kauffman, the man is a genius when it comes to making B horror flicks, as corny as they may seem you just can’t seem to stop watching them, they have a certain twisted charm to them.


Without giving to much away about the movie, if you have an hour and twenty minutes to kill, and you’re feeling horror movie adventurous, check out Evil Clutch. Its not the worst B horror movie you can come across but its not the best either. I can promise you there are demons, woods, gore, and a claw coming out of a vagina…..find another movie like it, I dare you.

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